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Terms and Conditions




The conditions and the entire site relate equally to both sexes and corporations and other legal entities. The use of the masculine form of address is for convenience only


• The LIVNI website (the "Website"), is an internet website that operates for the selling of jewelry and watches (the "Services"). The Website is owned by Lipaz Jewelry Ltd. (the "Company").

• Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before visiting the Website and / or purchasing a product through the Website, because browsing and reviewing the information posted, and / or acquiring any product via the Website constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. You are not required to agree to these procedures, and if you do not agree with the contents herewith, you are expected to leave the Website and not make use of it.

• The use of the Website and its contents are to be used as is, without any kind of  liability or responsibility. The use of content  displayed on the Website, and its  services shall be at your sole and full responsibility. The Company does not commit to adjust the content on the Website to be up to date at all times. Nothing stated on the site is a recommendation by the Company in any way.


Preconditions for making a transaction

• Any person, age 18 or older, (as well as a corporation duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel and registered in the lawful register), and who possesses a valid credit card of one of the credit card companies listed below , and is permitted under applicable law and / or agreement with the credit card issuer to make transactions using the credit card stated, and who has an email address on the Internet, is entitled to make a transaction on the Website.


 • Your order to purchase a product on the Website shall be approved by the Company provided all the following conditions are met: (1) there is approval for the transaction from the issuer of the credit card with which you are requesting payment for the transaction; and (2) the products requested are available and in stock at the time of the transaction.

User information, privacy and safe shopping on the Website

• When making a transaction the following information will be required: ID, name, surname (or company name and number), phone number, address, zip code, e-mail and payment method details. You may be required to enter additional details, as appear on the Website.

• The Company and / or site operator and / or managers and / or representatives will not be liable for any mistake made by you when you type the details, and in addition will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, in the case where the particulars referred, in whole or in part, are not received by the system and / or any technical and / or other problem which may prevent the execution of the transaction on the Website.

•   In the case that incorrect details are typed in connection with a transaction on the Website, the Company and / or the Website and / or anyone acting on their behalf, may cancel the order for the transaction.

•When carrying out a transaction, you declare that the transaction is carried out through a card belonging to you, or to a corporation on whose behalf you are making the transaction, that the card is valid and that you are authorized under the law and / or agreement with the credit card issuer to make the relevant transaction using the card. Also, performing such a transaction is a statement that the information you enter in the system is correct, complete, accurate and up to date. Please be advised that providing personal details which are not true is a criminal offense. Against individuals who provide false information, legal steps will be taken including  claims for damages caused to the Website and / or the Company and / or third parties.  A transaction by a person representing a corporation constitutes a statement that the person performing the transaction is authorized under the law and according to the corporation's articles of association to make the transaction with the Company.

• The Company provides security measures in order to give users maximum security when buying products through the Website. We accommodate users who do not wish to give their credit card information on the Website, by enabling them to make an order without entering credit card information. In this case, a Company representative will contact the user by phone in order to receive the credit card details. The Website is a secure site and uses conventional methods for securing information online. All information fed into the system, including credit card details, is stored on a secure server that is not accessible, except to a small number of people authorized by the Company. As another precaution, every transaction is rigorously verified; the credit card details that are submitted for payment are checked real time with the credit card company in order to prevent credit card misuse.

•All the details that you enter in said system, including credit card information, or details given by you in a phone conversation to a company representative, will be collected and stored by the Company and / or by someone on its behalf. Their use will be in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the website as listed below.The Company undertakes not to transfer customer information to third parties.

•You do not have to give details, since Company representatives will contact the customer in order to confirm the order, customer information, method of payment and available inventory.

• By using and browsing the Website you agree to the Privacy Policy of the Website as listed below. 

Payment and delivery

The credit card will be charged immediately, only if the product is available, and is in stock close to the actual time of its supply to the customer. If the product is not in stock, the customer will not be charged in respect thereof. The Company does not guarantee that all products are in stock at all times.


Terms and dates of delivery :

Product delivery will be made via the Israel Mail, and will be given only to a responsible adult over the age of 18.

The length of time between the confirmation of the order via a conversation with a Company representative and receipt of the product will be up to 21 business days.



Effecting an order on the Website

Products offered for sale on the site are accompanied by images meant for illustrative purposes only. It should be noted that   differences and variations between the image and the actual appearance of the product can occur. Next to each product the price in New Israeli Shekels is displayed. The customer can add to the cart any product offered for sale on the Website. The customer can change the quantity of products that he wishes to order; he may add or subtract products from the shopping cart at any time. Also, it is possible to save the order on the Website servers without finalizing it, and proceed with the order until completed at a later date. The order is finalized and approved after checking-out at the cashier.

The responsibility for the Company's products offered for sale on the site is according to law. We will accept for return products which have not been used, that are whole and in their original packaging, two weeks from the date of purchase. Products that are returned will receive a complete credit card refund. Costs of postage and-or shipment will not be refunded.


Intellectual Property

• All copyrights and intellectual property on the Website and any part thereof, including the content and design of the Website, and any software, application, computer code, graphic file, text or any other material contained therein, whether the external interface, the source or object code,  belongs to the Company only, and / or its suppliers and / or partners, as applicable. You may not copy, distribute, publicly display or transmit to a third party any of the above mentioned without the prior consent of the Company, in writing and in advance. Also, do not modify or use the Website or any part of it to create another work without the prior consent of the Company, in writing and in advance. The Website is limited to personal use (including what is regarded as downloading data), and one cannot make any commercial use of it without the express written permission in advance from the Company.

• Website trademarks are the sole property of the Company, or in the event that they belong to advertisers, business partners or suppliers then they are the sole property of these. The Website trademarks may not be used without prior written consent.



Links to other websites and advertisements

• The Company does not guarantee that all links on the Website are appropriately functional and lead to active websites. The presence of a link on the Website does not mean that the linked website is reliable, complete or up to date, and the Company assumes no liability in connection with content appearing on such websites. Also, the Company is not responsible for any harm or damage caused directly, indirectly, financial or otherwise, caused you or your property resulting from the use of/or reliance on such information appearing on sites you reach through/or from the use of /or link on the Website and /or reliance on information and content published on the site by third parties.   

• The responsibility for the ad content and announcements posted on the Website by third parties, including the actual information and rights, solely belongs to the advertisers. The Company holds no responsibility for the content of advertisements on the Website or to their credibility. It should be emphasized that the publication of commercial information of advertisers ( third parties ) does not constitute any encouragement or recommendation to purchase services or products offered for sale on the Website by third parties

Additional Terms

•The price of products on the Website, the terms of delivery, delivery costs, number of payments and all other data on the Website are the Company’s sole responsibility. The Company will be able to alter them from time to time, without prior notice, as it sees fit.

•The Website is on the Internet (and on other communication networks, from time to time, according to technological developments), and its quality depends on various factors such as infrastructure providers, telecommunications providers, proper functioning of servers, storage space, and so on, which can break down, not function, cease to operate or be damaged due to various factors. The Company does not represent, nor does it guarantee the integrity of the Website and / or operation without disruptions and / or failures. The Company is not responsible for illegal access to company computers, damage, malfunctions, failures in hardware, software or communication lines, and / or suppliers, or damage for any other reason ,and the Company shall not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, grief, or other such anguish that you or your property may suffer .

• You hereby absolve the Company from any liability, direct or indirect, in the case where a transaction is made and/or surfing will not be enabled, in part and/ or in full for any reason, and you hereby absolve the Company from any responsibility for  any/or all technical problems that otherwise diminish the ability to use the Website .

•Networks and websites are exposed to attacks and hacking attempts by various parties. The Company is implementing a number of security measures to protect the privacy of information entered by you on the Website yet it is not possible to absolutely guarantee this, and there may be security breaches, and information may be compromised. The Company does not guarantee that the services and information on the Website and on Company servers (and servers of any third party) are absolutely immune from unauthorized access to information stored in them. In surfing the Website, providing information and carrying out a transaction, you absolve the company from liability for any damage caused to you and / or anyone on your behalf because of attacks, hacking attempts and intrusions and waiver all claims against the Company and / or its representatives in connection therewith.

•The Company does not guarantee that the Website will not be closed and / or that its activity is not stopped temporarily or permanently, and reserves the right to close the Website and / or its activities at any time at its sole discretion.

• Without detracting from the previously mentioned  if factors and / or events beyond the control of the Company, including failures of communication and computing, and events of force majeure (including strikes, lockout, terrorist activities, war) will delay and / or prevent the act of the transaction in whole or in part and in any way, or will prevent the supply of the product on the specified days of the transaction, and should there be changes in tax rates and / or charges and / or fees and / or other payments due between the date that the product is published for purchase and the date of the planned delivery as per the agreed terms of purchase, the Company is entitled to cancel the purchase, whole or in part, and in such cases will not charge your credit card for the transaction and / if charged - your money will be refunded, subject to law, and this is your exclusive solution  in connection with such cases.

•Should there be a misprint, typo error in the description of the product and / or the price, terms of payment, product image or any other information, including the receipt of your details the Company may, but is not obliged to, cancel the transaction .

Cessation of use and indemnity

• The Company may, at its discretion, terminate the activity of any user utilizing the Website's services, if said user does not comply with the terms and regulations of this article, or violates any law, including the blocking the IP number .

• In the case that the terms of these regulations and / or any law are breached by a user the Company shall, at its discretion, be entitled to disclose the name and information known of such a user, even in the absence of a court order. Thus, such users hereby waiver any claim against the Company, its shareholders, managers and employees in connection with the disclosure of said information.


•You will  indemnify the Company, its employees, directors and officers, or their representatives, for any damage, loss, loss of profits, payment or expenses incurred, including attorneys' fees and court costs, due to the violation of these Terms of Use and / or any violation of law and / or right of any third party. Without detracting from the previously mentioned  any person making improper use of the Website undertakes to indemnify the Company, its employees, directors and officers, or anyone on their behalf, all claims and / or expense and / or damage of any kind whatsoever including legal costs caused to the company, its employees, directors and officers, or anyone on their behalf .

•The Company shall not be directly or indirectly responsible in the event that a purchase does not register in the system and / or that any technical issues otherwise prevent users from purchasing products.

• The Company shall not be liable for illegal activity on the Website by the users, or anyone else, who is not under the Company’s  full control.


• All disputes, prerogatives and claims relating to transactions carried out on the Website, to browsing the website, to the content of the Website and any claims resulting and / or connected to the Website will be dealt with by the Israeli court, solely in the Tel Aviv courthouse, and according to Israeli law, without giving effect to principles of conflicts of law or its forum, and the authority of any foreign court , (including any foreign court or tribunal), as well as the applicability of foreign law, is hereby expressly denied.

•If and to the extent determined by a certified court (including a court or tribunal other judicial hereinafter: " the judicial authorities " ) that a provision in these regulations is illegal and / or invalid, than this will not eliminate the validity of other provisions in these  regulations and / or other parts of the canceled and / or condensed provision, by the judicial authorities .

• The company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy from time to time without the need to deliver a message, and can do so by posting the updated version of the Terms and Conditions on the Website. If you do not agree with the rules of use, terms, conditions, and notices contained in these regulations, you are not authorized to access, utilize, or use the Website .



Privacy Policy

Lipaz Jewelry Ltd.  (the "Company") recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of the users of the site which it operates and manages (the "Website" ). Your use of the Website and / or signing up for services on the Website and / or making a purchase on the Website, these indicate that you consent to the use of information collected about you and as specified in the terms of the Privacy Policy as detailed in the following.

  • Registration

Some of the services provided on the Website including the purchase of products offered on the Website, require registration. During registration you will be required to provide personal information including identifying information, contact information, credit card information and so on. You are not required by law to provide the information but without providing the information you will not be able to receive these services and / or purchase products on the Website. To obtain some of the services on the Website and / or to purchase products from the Website, the company transfers, when necessary, information to the relevant parties including commercial entities and suppliers, depending on the type of service, in order to deliver the service and/or product requested.

The Company is not liable for any use of the information made by those third parties regarding information transferred to them by the Company (if required ) and / or information directly provided them by you, and / or any information collected by them about you. It should be clear that the Company's Privacy Policy does not apply to these third parties

  • Database

The information that you provide when registering for services on the Website including for the purpose of purchasing products, and any other information that you will provide later, as required by the type of service you request, as well as any information that is collected about you in connection with the services that you requested, and / or regarding orders you have made and / or the products that you purchased and / or any other use made by you on the Website shall be retained on the company's databases . The company will make use of this information in accordance with the law and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


Use of information

The Company may use the information it requires in order to provide the services you requested, and this includes using information for the purpose of handling orders for purchased products. The Company may allow access to information on databases and / or transmit the information to a third party according to the type of services and / or the aforesaid orders, as well as for the operation, development and improvement of the Website and on-site services.

In addition, the Company may use the information to contact you by any of the means of communication that were provided by you on the Website, including direct mail and direct mail services, in order to offer you any service and / or product and / or additional information that the Company believes will be suitable and/or of interest to you at its discretion and depending on the breakdown of information that is available about you. The Company may contact you directly and / or through its representative, and forward the information to any third parties so they can contact you and offer you services and / or other products.

You may contact the Company, through written request to the Company’s address, at any time, and ask the Company not to send you offers for services and / or products in addition to those to which you are registered.

In addition to the above, the Company may disclose personal information about you to third parties in cases where  (1) the Company will be required to do so by court order; (2) the Company will face the threat of legal proceedings (criminal or civil) due to actions taken by you on the Website; (3) you breach the terms of use; (4) the Company receives a claim or complaint that a breach of the law has been made, you violated a law, made an offense contrary to the laws of defamation, privacy protection laws, intellectual property laws, the Penal Code or the Commercial Torts Law. In this case, the Company is authorized to provide your information to the party claiming to be harmed by you or in accordance with a judicial order.

Delivery of advertising material

The Company is entitled to send the user any advertising material and / or its marketing information and / or other such information belonging to third parties, at its sole discretion, while making use of any of the electronic means and media that were provided by the user to the Website, including e-mails and SMS messages.

If you are not interested in receiving advertisement information or you wish to receive information only via one means of media or via more means of media, please send us e mail.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The company will be entitled to change its Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole discretion, including provisions relating to the use of  information provided by you.